Sinnamon Shop cookbook brings back memories

MANCHESTER — If you’re still pining for the taste of food from the Sinnamon Shop four years after it closed, a new cookbook will help you recreate the flavors at home.


Owner Joe Sinnamon, who closed the restaurant in 2014 while battling cancer, had begun putting together the cookbook before he died in 2015, according to his friend and former co-worker Laurie Cleveland.


Cleveland worked with Sinnamon at the restaurant for 28 years.  She began working there as a waitress five days after it opened and was eventually promoted to manager.

Cleveland and Sinnamon were close. A few days before his death, he told Cleveland that he wanted her to finish the book.


“He just handed me a box of stuff and told me the girls had the recipes,” she said.

Sinnamon’s family tried for a year and a half to get the measurements just right for the adored menu items. “Joe didn’t measure anything,” Cleveland said.


The cookbook has finally been printed and distributed, thanks in large part to Joanne Coan, a project manager at Fusion Cross Media in Manchester.


Coan designed the menus for the Sinnamon Shop and designed the layout for the cookbook for free.  Sinnamon had approached her for the job just before he died.

“I knew Joe, and I wanted to help him out,” she said.


Cleveland started selling the cookbooks on Jan. 15.  The first book went to Sinnamon’s mother, and since word got out she has sold 232 copies.

“I hoped it would be this successful,” she said.  “And I think I knew in my heart that it would be.”


Cleveland will be selling the cookbooks from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 24, at Memorial Corner Store, 352 Main St. Books are $12, and the proceeds will go to Sinnamon’s outstanding debts. Those who want cookbooks but can’t get there Saturday can send Cleveland a message vai Facebook Messenger.


Sinnamon was known for his delicious food and unabashed banter with his customers.  He kept a book with customers’ favorite foods and would give them a call when he had their favorite things on that day’s menu.


Cleveland said she has no sales goal in mind, but that she will keep selling them as long as people want to buy them.

Originally published by the Journal Inquirer

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